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Making Pasta

Meet Maya

Registered Dietician & Nutrition Expert

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I qualified with a Bsc (Medical Honours) in Dietetics from Stellenbosch university in 2000. My dietetics degree gave me a good, thorough clinical understanding of nutrition and the human body...nevertheless, I left university with a painful, shameful VERY secret, borderline eating disorder. I had a fearful, obsessive relationship with my body and with food. 

I did at least another degree worth of reading and research to find what I needed to become free of this disorder (some of what I read is posted under Resources).

 I learnt how to nourish myself and my body in a life-giving, peaceful, free, joyful, abundant, celebratory way.
From 2004-2012, I worked in private Practice, teaching the non-diet lifestyle to groups and individuals.

 I took a long break from working as a dietitian to look after my children at home. Super grateful that I learnt a better way of relating to food and my body before it became my task to feed them!

My youngest is at Kindergarten and I have some capacity to work with others again.


I am now middle aged. Older, wiser, and as convinced as ever that food is a great gift, and that those that are not enjoying feeding themselves and their children because of the negative stories in their heads are being robbed!

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